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Create stunning emails, fast.

With over 70 included mobile-friendly templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can get your email blast out in a blast.

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Coders need not apply

You don’t have to know anything about HTML or email design to get started. We’ll give you all the tools you need to create emails that look great.

Spam no more

We adhere to the Spam Act so you can too. Built-in features like double opt-ins and one-click unsubscribes ensure that you keep your clients smiling.

Ensure your emails look great, everywhere.

There are hundreds of email clients out there, and each one displays emails differently. Make sure they all display as they should before you send.

With our new Email Testing feature, we give you the ability to test with our a variety of email clients, as well as a comprehensive spam report to see why your email may be picked up by anti-spam filters. No more sending emails around the office to make sure everything looks a-okay.

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Sit back and watch the email campaign results roll in.

After you’ve sent an email campaign, see a report on how many people are opening your email in real-time.

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Every click and tap

We track a number of metrics with each email you send: what the most clicked links on the email are, how many emails bounced and why, and how many users decided to unsubscribe.

Who reads what, where

Our reporting dashboard shows you what percentage of your readers are viewing your email campaign on their desktop computers or mobile devices, and what email client they’re using.


No matter if you’ve got one customer or a thousand, we have flexible pricing to suit you.

All prices mentioned are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and are inclusive of GST, or administrative charges if your organisation resides outside Australia.

SMS functionality is currently only available within Australia.

I have

contacts in my database

I will be sending

total emails per month

and I will be sending

total SMS per month

= $0.00 per month

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  • How we calculate our pricing


    Total Contacts: Monthly Fee:
    0 - 1,000 Contacts $30 / Month
    1,001 - 5,000 Contacts $50 / Month
    5,001 - 15,000 Contacts $90 / Month
    15,001 - 50,000 Contacts $150 / Month
    > 50,000 Contacts $225 / Month

    Email Distribution

    Number of Emails Sent: Cost per Email:
    1 - 200 4 cents / email
    201 - 2,000 3 cents / email
    2,001 - 10,000 2 cents / email
    > 10,000 1 cent / email

    SMS Distribution

    Number of SMS Messages Sent: Cost per SMS:
    1 - 200 22 cents / SMS
    201 - 2,000 21 cents / SMS
    2,001 - 5,000 20 cents / SMS
    5,001 - 10,000 19 cents / SMS
    > 10,000 18 cents / SMS
  • Optional extras

    Optional Extras

    Please contact us to activate these on your iReach account.

    Creative development

    We have a large variety of free templates included, but if you need a template that uniquely suits your business, we can create a template for you.

    $270 per template per account

    Campaigns module

    Setup automated communications sent to your contacts based on time, key actions or their profile within your database.

    $50 per month per account

    120 day backup

    This feature ensures all of your account data is securely backed up. We're able to retrieve and restore this data for you within 120 days of a request.

    $15 per month per account

Things you should know: Each account comes with 50MB of free storage each month. Should file storage exceed this limit within an account, an additional fee of $0.17 per MB per month for each account will apply. For databases with more than 100,000 records, or for sending greater than 100,000 emails, please contact us for a personalised quote. Additionally, if you plan to distribute more than 20,000 SMS messages in a given month, or want to distribute SMS messages outside of Australia, please contact us. Finally, you're awesome.