Google Analytics Tracking for iReach

If you are using Google Analytics to track your website traffic, you can also track incoming traffic from emails that you have sent. It is a great way to gain additional insight on your email subscribers, to see who is converting and to measure your return on your investment. This means you can easily find…

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10 Words that you should avoid in email campaigns

Whether you are sending personal or business emails, the ability to compose efficient and effective email is upper useful both in terms of productivity and responsiveness. We are all busy and we have all received long and rambling emails. Ironically, most of us have been guilty of writing such verbose email whilst we request someone‚Äôs…

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iReach autoresponder templates are now available

Email marketing just became a whole lot more exciting with the release of the new iReach autoresponder templates, and to tell you the truth they are really quite snazzy! Autoresponders will essentially give your subscribers a sense of interaction as soon as they sign up to your email database. It makes the process slightly more…

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5 cool ways to super exceed customer expectations with email marketing!

You have a really great business, with a really great product, so how are you going to benefit people who also look for fantastic customer service? Your employees should always be your biggest brand ambassadors and their goal is to surprise your customers on just how good your service is. It has been reported that…

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Email Marketing – A key to success

Email Marketing is a huge key to success when marketing or promoting a business to existing clients or those who have expressed interest in products or services through your website. Nowadays, more businesses rely on email marketing for promotional purposes as it is cost effective and has proven to drive traffic to websites effectively. Email…

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