5 cool ways to super exceed customer expectations with email marketing!

June 3, 2015

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You have a really great business, with a really great product, so how are you going to benefit people who also look for fantastic customer service?
Your employees should always be your biggest brand ambassadors and their goal is to surprise your customers on just how good your service is. It has been reported that around 89% of consumers have decided to go with a competitor after a really poor customer service experience.
There is an upside to this story! 86% of customers would pay more just for better customer service experience. This goes to show just how important customer service is in retaining and bringing on new business to your company.
1. Random acts of kindness!
When emailing your customer send them something unexpected. Maybe a voucher or a personalised video, thanking them for being loyal readers of your digital newsletter. Surprise your customers with something nice and the customer will be amazed and your staff will feel great about brightening some else’s day.
2. Deal with customer complaints straight away!
It might be an idea to set up a complaints form on your website and use an email autoresponder to than the customer for their time and assure them you will be in touch with them shortly. And when the complaint is successfully resolved try to offer something extra to the customer to put a more positive spin on their experience.
Customers have an expectation tha their complaint will be handled but they probably won’t expect to have it handled and get an added bonus. Customer retention for any business is the key!
3. Be more personable!
Encourage your staff to write responses and talk to customers in an informal and more personalised way. We don’t want customers to feel as though they are talking to a robot. So a helpful tip is to try and draft your next email, pretend that you are writing it to a friend.
4. Remove obstacles!
It is not always possible to change your business processes to make things easier for the customer. But it is important to try and reduce or remove obstacles if you can. A helpful tip: rather than asking people to fill out paper forms, try collecting their details in an online web form.
5. Start and end on a good note!
When writing your marketing emails, people are more likely to remember the beginning and the end of something more so than what happens in the middle of the email. So starting and ending emails to your csutomers on a really positive note is usually going to stick in their memory more than the rest of the email. If you think about it logically it is a great opportunity to leave a lasting and personable impression.

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